Digital marketing is how businesses use the internet to tell people about their products and services. Here’s what people often search for:

Websites: How to make a website for my business, like an online store or a place where people can learn more.

Social Media: How to use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to talk about my business and make friends with customers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): How to make sure my business shows up when people search on Google.

Emails: How to send emails to people who might want to buy from my business.

Ads: How to put ads on the internet so more people know about my business.

Content: How to make interesting stuff like blogs, videos, or pictures to share online and get more people to visit my website.

Analytics: How to check if what I’m doing on the internet is working or if I need to change things.

E-commerce: How to sell things online and make it easy for people to buy from me.

Reviews: How to get good reviews from customers and what to do if someone says something bad.

Mobile Marketing: How to talk to people on their phones about my business.

Video Marketing: How to make videos to show off my products or explain how they work.

Affiliate Marketing: How to make money by telling people about other people’s products and getting a reward when they buy.

Chatbots: How to have a computer talk to people on my website and answer their questions.

In short, digital marketing is using the internet to help your business grow, and people search on Google to learn how to do it better. It’s like telling everyone in town about your shop, but the town is the whole internet!

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